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Use Profit Pages to quit your job

Invest in yourself NOW and get the reward in 2017!

Just Do It >

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Blog for free and earn!

If you can post something on Facebook you can earn with Profit Pages @Bitbillions.

Go to website here >

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How to activate your LIFETIME hosting for Profit Pages @Bitbillions!

To activate your LIFELONG hosting for Profit Pages @Bitbillions you need 11 credits, you can check your number of credits in the “My Business” tab (see picture). If you don´t have enough credits to activate you can buy credits by clicking on the “Credits Balance” link. Each credit cost $9. So $99 for LIFELONG hosting of your Profit Pages is not very much i think. You pay with PayPal or Payza.

activate1When you have enough credits go to “Business Settings” and activate Profit Pages. It´s not harder than that 🙂

Now you are ready to make some money when Profit Pages is launched fully in June.

Are you not a member of Bitbillions yet?

Signup FREE here >

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How to setup your profit pages account!

Here is a video on how you setup your profit pages account @Bitbillions.

Sign up here >, its free!

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How to change your display name and cover image in Profit Pages

Many old and new members don´t know how to change their username/display name. You can do that under the “Settings” tab. Click Settings and after that click on username.


Here is how you can change your cover image. Go to Profile and click cover image.



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Profit Pages is here very soon.. Now you can Signup!

Now you can signup and see how easy it is, its free to join. Join here.

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Win a Subscription to Bitbillions Profitpages for life

buzz-meterEvery member who earns 2 points or more in the ProfitPages contest between March 16th and March 25th will qualify for a chance to win a LIFETIME PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION! We will randomly draw a winner from every member who earns over 2 points during these dates. Each point is an entry in the drawing. This means, whoever wins will qualify for PREMIUM LEVEL COMMISSIONS for LIFE!

Without having to pay a monthly subscription!

So, you better get those points rolling in from March 16th to the 25th.

We will also award a special prize to the person with the most points during this same time!

Read more Now about the Profitpages >

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$20,000 Profit Pages Launch

Anytime there is talk of a new launch there is excitement. This is something completely different though because for the first time a GBBG launch will have an affiliate contest with some big prizes. How much? Well we are looking at a first prize of up to $3,000. In all though there is the potential to be over $20,000 in prizes given away. The odds are awesome with a better than 1 in 7 chance of winning a prize. Try getting odds like that on any lotto draw.

Prizes will be awarded to members that have the most points. Points are awarded as follows;

  • 3 points when you activate your membership
  • 3 points when your referrals activate


  • 1 point when your referrals activate
  • 2 points when your referrals renew
Full details of the Pre-Launch are available on the page
Now the affiliate contest is one thing but what is more important is the product and the basic commissions that you will be able to earn from it. This is where it gets really exciting. The new product is called Profit Pages. It is designed for members to have their own page that they can use to promote anything they want. Built into it will also be ads that come from members in various positions.

The beauty of that part is that your ad can be shown on hundreds, possibly thousands of other members Profit Pages.

One of the amazing features Profit Pages will provide is the ability to turn just about any combination of images/photos and text into an attention grabbing, highly-converting marketing widget that you can embed just about anywhere online! Imagine being able to create modern, fresh, effective content and then sharing that content on major social networks, your own blog, and other sites with a simple copy/paste code snippet, or a unique widget url that feeds data to the major networks in the exact format they need to show the right image and text you want.

I highly suggest you go to the page and check it out. This is going to be a huge launch. Commissions will not be calculated till the launch giving members time to build up their team and qualify for commissions by activating.

Go Getters Action List

1. Take advantage of the February Credits Special.
2. Activate your Profit Pages.
3. Promote Profit Pages.
4. Enjoy $45 Commissions.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4.


Before the end of February, you can purchase 11 Credits for the price of 10! YES! That is 11 Credits for $90.
You can use Paypal or Payza to take advantage of the special.
Don’t wait because this offer is ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL THE END OF FEBRUARY!

Commission from GBBG|bitbillions

The Profit Pages activations started yesterday and will generate an email letting you know when you have a member in your matrix or direct referral activate. This means you may be eligible for a commission. The email will go to all members up the line that could get that commission. The member above them that is active will receive the commission. Do not be concerned about missing a commission if someone activates between you and the member. If that happens then you would be eligible for that members commission instead. As you can see it could stimulate more activations earning members some great commissions.

There have already been emails going out and the first ones had some errors (if you received one of the early ones you would notice). The emails will be fine tuned to give members the best details available.

GBBG|bitbillions Earnings Report

Another recent addition is the Earnings Report email. All members that have over $10 in earnings will receive this email. There has already been some response from members that did not know they had earnings in their account. This email is sent out weekly so you will be able to keep track of your earnings. It will also give the figures for how many people are earning from GBBG|bitbillions.

But wait there’s more!

I could go on with a lot more but trying to keep this fairly short. I will leave you with this. Profit Pages has a Fast Start Bonus of $250.To qualify all you have to do is find 6 referrals that activate Profit Pages within your first 2 months. That is 60 days to find 6 people. Remember on top of the$250 Fast Start Bonus you will earn your normal commissions. At $45 for each direct referral in the first month that is another $270. SO with just that alone you have already earned $520.
Add the monthly renewal and your commissions have hit$592.

This is going to be an exciting couple of months and we hope to see hundreds…no…thousands of people earning great commissions.

What are you waiting for, start here >

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Bitbillions Profit Pages Prelaunch

What is Profit Pages?

It is a one of a kind product launch from GBBG Bitbillions and could be Internets next Huge Money Maker.

  • Customizable
  • Built-in ad revenue
  • Any online content becomes your revenue tool
  • Embed revenue widgets anywhere
  • Dominate search engines
  • Instant notariety

How can you earn from it?



How does it work?


Read more about this unique product >

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Enjoy 7 level extended referral commissions when promoting Shop @Bitbillions

shopToday Bitbillions launched a new page to use for promoting the Shop @bitbillions.

The best parts with the Shop is the following:
You don´t have to know anything about e-commerce
You don´t need to know anything about the technical stuff behind a shop
You don´t need to spend any money on domain or hosting

And now to The UNIQUE with the Shop @bitbillions you have the chance to enjoy 7 level extended referral commissions (sales and campaigns).
Not available anywhere else online!

And the only thing you have to do is to promote the Shop or individual products from the shop and it´s FREE to join >

See the new promotion page here >

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